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Orlando Magic

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3 Legs Lamp...

oor Lamp Stand Lamp Shade Home Decorative Interior Lamps.Made with high quality wood veneer. produced entirely by hand.
Installation and hat part is very simple. It will look great in your home.
Once installed, it adds a different life to your home and office.
The upper part (hat) part is produced with uv paints suitable for human health.
You will thank us very much.

It is produced with certificates in accordance with Europe and USA as electrical installation material. undergoes quality control.

As the Lookhome family; We produce for your home and office the most stylish and highest quality. you will love it.


- Laminated wooden legs
-nickel plated screw heads
-pvc top header
-USA compatible 2mt cable with connector (on-off)
-harmless uv printing
You can use it in every corner of your home, office and children's rooms, combining the texture of wood with modern design and you can't find it anywhere else. very special lamps. It will change the atmosphere of your home. It is a product that you can gift at home or in the office with peace of mind.

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